About Our Self-Care Programs

Living with memory loss can be challenging for the person with the disease as well as the family members and the professionals who support them. We have developed a series of guides and videos especially for caregivers – both family and professional – to support you in your efforts to stay well. These guides provide simple easy-to-use strategies that will help you learn how to integrate self-care into your daily routine. You will learn about proven stress relievers. These Pause, Breathe, and Move practices help you stay calm and refocus, and can support getting a good night’s sleep. You also will learn about the messages we feed ourselves and better ways to nourish your mind. Caregivers who use these techniques regularly report positive changes in their health and their outlook.

Family Caregiver Self-Care

Professional Caregivers Self-Care

Self-Care: Pause Breathe Move (English)

These videos guide you through three techniques to help stay calm and manage stress. The first, Pause, is a strategy to refocus on the present moment. The second, Breathe, is a simple technique that calms your body and mind. The third, Move, includes a series of gentle stretches to reduce physical tension. You can practice these techniques separately or together, in less than a minute or when you have a little more time.

Self Care Pause Breathe Move (Spanish)

Pause, Breathe, and Move