What to Expect

The multidisciplinary staff of the COPSA Memory Disorders Clinic are dedicated to providing the most advanced treatment and highest quality of care for people with memory loss and their families.

Our Board Certified Geriatric Psychiatrist from the faculty of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School leads a dynamic team of geriatric specialists in providing a continuum of care, including initial evaluations of memory problems, ongoing treatment and medication management.

We are experts at diagnosing rare dementias and managing problem behaviors such as hallucinations, delusions, wandering, mood swings, sundowning and combativeness.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Our initial diagnostic evaluation includes:

  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Psychological assessment
  • Review of medical history, labs, blood tests and scans
  • Special feedback session to discuss results with patient and family

Ongoing Care

Individuals who have already been diagnosed with a dementia can come to the Clinic for ongoing care. Each patient and caregiver will meet regularly with the Clinic team, who will monitor the progression of the disease and advise family members about the latest treatments. Case managers are always available to provide support, answer any questions and provide information.

Behavior Management

Anyone who has cared for someone with Alzheimer’s disease knows that dementia is much more than memory problems. Clinic staff will:

  • Identify the problem behavior
  • Develop an individualized treatment plan
  • Explain management and communication techniques
  • Prescribe medications (where applicable)
  • Refer to community services

Caring for Both Patient and Family

The diagnosis of dementia has a profound impact on the family. Therefore we focus as much attention on caregivers as we do the patient. At each appointment we discuss the results of our assessment of the patient and explain how this will impact the caregiver. Social work and case management staff are available on a continuing basis to assist families with problems related to the illness. Referrals are made to community services such as day care, support groups and benefit programs. Assistance with legal, financial and long term care planning is available.

Individuals and their caregivers interested in coming to the COPSA Memory Disorders Clinic can call our appointment line 800 424-2494 to schedule a visit.

Memory Disorders Clinic can call our appointment line 1.800.424.2494 to schedule a visit.

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